E-book about getting your first cryptocurrencies without investing an money- case study

Ultimate guide to cryptocurrencies world
E-book cover look like this 🙂

Long time no speak (or should I say ‘write&read’).

If you have been wondering why it is so quiet here, the reason is my new project. By now, some of you have probably seen my newest child –  e-book about cryptocurrencies world. Now I decided to share a couple of details around the process of creation (sounds very sophisticated, right? It’s actually quite some work!)

This will be in a Q&A style so it’s easier to find info you are looking for, hopefully ?

  • How long is it?
  • Where to find my e-book?
  • Why did I decide to write it?
  • Who will benefit the most from it?
  • How did the process of writing and editing go?
  • How much you can earn using methods described in the e-book?
  • Extra: Used software

How long is it?

Final version has 47 pages and describes 6 different sites/projects.

Where to find my e-book?

You can get your free copy here by entering your email and confirming activation link.

Why did I decide to write it?

I am following a few forums and I noticed a lot of basic questions are being asked on each of these sites by different users so I wanted to gather those together in one place. Second reason – I wanted to show potentially interested people on how to get first cryptocurrencies without investing real money. Third reason is to learn more marketing/sales skills in practice.

Who will benefit the most from it?

Those who are not familiar with the whole blockchain world. If Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin are only terms that you heard of or you have some basic experience but didn’t know how to get cryptocurrencies without risking your money.  If you are an experienced used I still encourage you to give it a go – I hope you will discover something useful there for yourself! 

How did the process of writing and editing go?

It took me 11 days from the day this idea popped into my head to produce the first draft. Next step was longer – it took 32 days to edit the draft, add all screenshots, make instructions clearer. A great part of checking the entire e-book was done by my sister, who is a complete rookie to this world so she also helped me understand what needed to be clarified before publishing (thank you, thank you, thank you). In between those tasks, I’ve had to create a landing page for this e-book.

How much you can earn using methods described in the e-book?

I tried to calculate average monthly income based on all described methods. It can differ for every person since there is too many factors that need to be taken into consideration. If you are a citizen of the USA or Australia then you have a chance to earn more than someone from other countries e.g. in Europe.

Here are my totals earned from all projects described:
0.00924472 BTC – most of that was done in a few months because of my procrastination
0.014382 ETH – it was done in two weeks
5298 DOGE – hard to say how long it took 🙁

Extra: Used software

I’ve been using Google Docs for writing and editing my e-book.

The landing page was created in convertkit (normally you get 500 subscribers for free however if you use THIS LINK you will get 1000 subscribers instead :))

All images used were free of charges and I’ve found them on pixels and pixabay.

The cover for this e-book was created in canva.

All screenshots were taken by using a greenshot.

Let me know in the comments if you have any additional questions or ideas about the above – happy to exchange ideas as well!

Till next time,