Sharing is caring – six different ways of getting referrals

Did you ever wonder where and how people get their referrals?

Today I will describe six different ways to get your first referral.

Direct contact

The most common way is to simply use your network – friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues. Just talk to them and listen to any issues they raise. If the site or product can help then just mention it as a potential solution – this will help both sides – you will start getting profit thanks to their registration or purchase and they will have their problem solved 🙂

Facebook groups

Another great way is to lookup for likeminded people. Facebook groups are one way of finding folks potentially interested in products that you can recommend. Make an engaging post with your referral link included. However, always remember to check group regulations and do not post anything that is against the rules. You should still be able to help people if they raise specific issues – simply do it thru comments.


It comes handy when you already have some followers who are interested in the content you present (why would they follow you if they aren’t, right? ;)). You can share with them how this particular product or solution can help them. Make sure you only recommend checked and ‘tested’ products/solutions – especially at the beginning so people can trust your opinion. It will show them that you put thoughts into the topic and they might register/buy at the recommended site.


When you are eager to invest some money into it then you should consider these methods.


There are sites that give you the opportunity to display your banners to people on multiple sites related to a variety of themes. You can do the banners yourself or just pay a few dollars to a designer that will create a decent product for you. One site I used was . What was great about it –  you can claim 500, 1000, or 2000 satoshi every single day. You will not be able to withdraw it to any external sites however you can reinvest that in the banner campaigns. 😉

To find a designer check . If you decide to use this link you will get -20% on your first purchase on-site (you are welcome )

Paid for clicks

Although it may sound controversial, it helps if you strongly believe and know how the product or solution you are trying to put there on the market work.

I’ve used this kind of advertisement a few times. On pages that let you earn some bits for completing simple tasks, you can buy i.e. 1000 (PTC) views of your link from unique users. And it will be displayed to users of such sites. Price began from $1.5 for 5-sec views to 1000 users. What is great about such sites is that it gives you visibility and circulates the money – you should be able to make a small profit of those displays and just use it for advertisements.

Last but not least, remember – not everyone wants to listen to recommendations, and we should always respect that. So don’t be offended if someone says they don’t want to hear about it – use it as an opportunity and ask – what would be interesting for them. What would need to happen for them to be willing to listen. Who knows maybe it will broaden your horizons and you will learn something new?

Till next read!

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