Earn cryptocurrencies without investing money #1

This is a browser used for mining cryptocurrencies specifically Bitcoin.


To start earning Bitcoin utilizing your processor idle resources you will need to download and install CryptoTab here ⇒  download. The process is similar to installing all other browsers.

Ready, steady, GO!

Note that each step has a snapshot of a screen below its description

Step 1 login into your gmail account thru your CryptoTab (or open gmail account if you don’t have one yet ;)) This way you secure your earnings in case of hardware issues / uninstalling browser.

Dialog will appear click on ADD PERSON

It will show window for adding new browser account. Provide your name

Choose avatar

And click Add

Step 2 click to view main dashboard page

Step 3 To start mining slide on progress bar or click on MAX button. This will determine the level of your processor usage for mining purposes and, as a result, the amount of the reward. From now on when your CryptoTab browser will be up and running you will earn satoshi (approximately every 10 minutes new block is mined).


You will be able to withdraw funds at minimum 0.00001 BTC earned.

Step 1 Click hamburger icon in right top corner and click WITHDRAW BTC button

Step 2 Put your BTC address wallet (public key), choose amount that you want to withdraw (or click near input label MAX amount BTC), verify CAPTCHA and click WITHDRAW

Step 3 You will see confirmation page. All you need to do is wait for BTC cryptocurrency arrive your wallet.

After two days of using this method I was able to generate 0.00000572 BTC approx. $0.33 at price $57 610.90 per 1 Bitcoin.

0.00000572 BTC after 2 days of using this method

Till next read!

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